What a year it has been!

We launched DigiKind one year ago in the midst of a pandemic because we wanted to build community, focus on local innovation and reimagine what was possible using digital transformation.

Across our channels, in our engagements and in our campaigns, we featured artists, digital innovators, charities and non-profits, and empowering, artisanal and sustainable superstars. Along the way, we are proud to have supported the launch of an innovation grant scheme and provided training to businesses to help them not only access an Additional Restrictions Grant, but to inspire them to improve their own digital marketing and strategic efforts. We’re grateful for the awards and recognition, but even more thankful for the amazing partnerships, collaboration and community we’ve built.

What did we accomplish together in 2021? We built community, of course.

As we look back, we continue to look forward:

We wish you all a healthy and safe Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Thank you for being a part of our community-building journey.

Photo Credit: @windsoretonphotoart (Instameet Image / Digital Place Making)