Today Kathy Kyle’s perspective on “Lifting Up Our High Streets” was published in The Municipal Journal. Here is an excerpt from the article:

The answer to our high street demise is in a word, community.

It is widely acknowledged that town centre decline has been accelerated by COVID, but we were unfortunately headed in that direction long before the pandemic. Some shoppers tend to avoid the high street experience because of the experience of shopping on the high street. Research shows that locals feel it’s expensive to park and the high street has ‘outdated or unappealing’ shops. And 50% of consumers spend less time on their local high street than they did five years ago.

What do you think? 

And that’s the point. What you think is important and key to reimagining our future high streets. 

Community engagement and empowerment is key. 

Read the rest of the article on the MJ’s website, but let us know in the comments what you think! 

Hello Lamp Post is referenced in the article; the innovative tech for good platform that forward-thinking towns and cities like are using to engage people in meaningful ways. Hello Lamp Post have also been shortlisted for two awards in the Digital Leaders 100 Awards:

If you have a moment, give them and their client, the Environmental Agency, a vote.

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