We are over the moon excited to welcome Jenny Clarke to our team.

Jenny has a creative flair for writing and a love of branding, marketing and communications.  

Her 20-year background spans a diverse range of sectors including charities, education, publishing and broadcasting, having formerly been brand guardian at one of the world’s largest media organisations.  

With a degree in English Literature and a love of creative writing and poetry, Jenny understands the mechanics and inventiveness needed for good copy. Jenny is highly empathetic and intuitive in her writing, focussed on telling stories that people can relate to and engage with. She also enjoys turning her hand to a variety of writing styles and genres and applying her knowledge of tone of voice.  

Jenny loves building connections with people in all ways, and volunteers for Diabetes UK, running family weekend events to help children with diabetes and their families get to know each other, share their experiences and build supportive networks and communities.

Join us in welcoming Jenny to DigiKind!