By Kathy Kyle Bonomini, Co-Founder

What a joy it was to interview Matt Pierri, CEO of Sociability for our recent Breakfast Briefing. Matt is the Founder of Sociability, an award winning tech company that makes it easier for disabled people find accessible places.

Matt is the winner of Toyota’s first start up awards, East London Innovator Awards, as well as the Skoll Venture Awards. An insightful and inspiring entrepreneur, Matt challenges his audience to consider the intrinsic value of being accessible, beyond economic return on investment.

He says that that is where the data comes in. They are building an accessibility resource for the community, with the community. Together, they’re making the world a more sociable, accessible place for all. Matt is on a mission to tell the story of why it is important to make our spaces more accessible, to remove barriers and bring people together.

Sociability makes it quick and easy to find detailed, reliable and accurate accessibility information to help disabled people towards greater social inclusion, social representation and equality of opportunity.

Here are my top take-aways from Matt’s talk for businesses looking to develop successful apps:

  1. If you can, join an accelerator programme with other entrepreneurs and inventors

  2. Explore finding a mentor who can provide advice

  3. Partner with a great tech person who can help you build incrementally

This is what our attendees had to say about Matt’s talk:

“These are great sessions over a morning cuppa. “Eduformational!”

“It was fabulous to hear Matt’s backstory and genuine purpose to building his business in such an inspiring way. These Briefings are a great way to start the day with such positivity and inspiration. Encore!”

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