We believe that technology is essential for connecting and building communities. Our ethos is all about helping people build strong bonds with digital transformation tools.

But sometimes we all need to unplug and connect in different, meaningful ways (yes, this means camping and no WiFi). Which is why we have sponsored Comms Unplugged, a ‘not-for-profit comms person’s retreat’ and opportunity to connect and develop in a unique setting, 9-11 September, 2021.

Our namesake, DigiKind, merges the best of digital and humankind to create something special, something owned by the local community. At the heart of our work is putting people first and using digital tools to engage and empower them to build strong communities. We love this FastCo article that talks about how our wellbeing is inextricably linked to a sense of belonging. When we take the time to engage people – and to create community, we feel a sense of connectivity and pride in a local area. 

For us, we believe successful communities have a few key characteristics: 

1. Communities need clearly defined goals and a purpose.

2. They also need a distinctive and authentic brand identity that every member owns, contributes to and shares widely.

3. Communities need both digital and physical homes – collaboration stations that enable growth and opportunities for all members and audiences to celebrate, share and develop.

4. They need structure and organisation in order to thrive and survive. They need leadership and engaged participants to drive the goals, objectives and activities forward.

5. Communities must connect with the world around them; and demonstrate their impact and value.

One of our favourite communities is this one, the Comms Unplugged community. Which is why we are also sponsoring a two-day ticket to the event. When was the last time you really unplugged? We recharge our phones and laptops — why not recharge ourselves, and connect with amazing people in the process? 

Contact the organisers to chat, listen and learn from inspirational speakers, check out motivational workshops, take part in wellbeing activities, listen to great live music, and chow down on delicious local fare.