By Kathy Kyle Bonomini

Our high streets are facing unprecedented challenges that have been exacerbated by COVID. We are working together with councils and BIDs to face them by taking a holistic approach to reopening the high street, safely. We focus not only on reopening but also on recovery, looking ahead and planning for the issues communities must address post-lockdown.

For the past five years – and throughout the pandemic – we’ve worked with BIDs and councils on high street rejuvenation projects. We have the experience building communities and digital ecosystems to complement our local communities’ offline campaigns.

This is a snapshot of the activities we engage in to successfully bring it all together. We know, because we have been there, with local residents, businesses, organisations and councils throughout the pandemic.

Every high street is unique, yet faces similar challenges:

  • How will we drive footfall to our high streets yet reopen in a safe way?

  • How do we engage our customers online and offline and reimagine our service offerings?

  • What types of services and businesses should we install in our empty units? 

  • How can we reopen our high streets safely?

Our work is award-winning – and we have the boots-on-the ground experience and strategy to work across silos to bring it all together. We’ve worked through lockdowns before – we know what it takes to launch safely and effectively.

We offer three levels of service, or we can collaborate and create a bespoke programme for you.