By Kathy Kyle Bonomini, Co-Founder

Sarah Berthon is an inspirational entrepreneur who has launched multiple businesses and who has successfully built a community around them. She shared with us how during our recent breakfast briefing.

Sarah founded Excel Against the Odds to share advice, inspiration and support with other budding entrepreneurs and businesses who have chronic illnesses.  Sarah lives with chronic illnesses which affect her life on a daily basis, and she is sharing her advice through her podcast, mentoring, and workshops, with others.

During our talk, Sarah shared her top tips on building resilience as a business and our attendees joined in to share their feedback and ideas. This is one of my favourite aspects of our breakfast briefings: the relaxed, generous and collaborative spirit of our chats.

Watch the 30-minute episode using the links provided below, which includes questions from the group and a 15-minute Q&A with me. Here are Sarah’s top tips for building resilience in yourself and in your business:

  1. “Listen to your body’s whispers so you don’ t have to hear them shout.”

  2. Not all disabilities are visible. There are many people and entrepreneurs with hidden illnesses that affect them.

  3. It is really important to create a space for your community – whether you use Facebook, LinkedIn, IG, a podcast – whatever it is, find that space and niche. Find, cultivate, nurture conversation for your audience.

Sarah also has a business called Crafty by Nature Skincare, where she creates and sells natural vegan products to include make-your-own lip balm and bath bomb kits. She is going to be franchising the business in the near future – what an exciting future Sarah is shaping for her businesses.

This is what our attendees had to say about Sarah’s talk:

“Sarah has that great ability to instil a strong sense of trust. You just know she is a safe pair of hands for any client and I expect to introduce potential clients to Sarah.”

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