Dave and I are headed out to Comms Unplugged 2022 this week. Comms Unplugged is a brilliant volunteer-led conference that gives you the time, space and opportunity to step back from everyday life and focus on your learning, development and wellbeing.

Also there is no wifi. For two people who believe that technology is essential for connecting and building communities, we are going for it this! Our ethos is all about helping communities build strong bonds with digital transformation tools. But we also believe that community starts with people.

DigiKind merges the best of digital and humankind to create something special, something owned by the local community. At the heart of our work is putting people first and using digital tools to engage and empower them to build strong communities. We are looking forward to our workshop on Friday, where we will talk about how we cultivate engaged communities and purpose-driven sustainability campaigns. We believe that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. 

Our workshop is all about this journey and how to help our attendees communicate their organisation’s sustainability journey with an ace comms plan.

Get your Toothbuckle swag here!

We are making efforts as a business to not only set net zero targets but to achieve them by living sustainably across all aspects of our brand and our lives. We have sponsored a gift in the Comms Unplugged ‘swag bag’ that is a sustainable and socially responsible brand called Toothbuckle. Like us, owners Roz and Alison’s company have been recognised by Small Business Britain’s f:entrepreneur #ialso100 and #SmallBiz100. We hope all attendees enjoy their Toothbuckles and give them a shout on social media when they get a chance (we recognise this is a wifi-free zone)!

Raffle Prizes, anyone?

We are also donating a raffle prize of an hour of advisory services resulting in building a holistic, inclusive and sustainable community-building strategy. (The prize is also a print of one of Kathy’s illustrations.)

We hope everyone at Comms Unplugged has a great time and we can’t wait to #CUInTheField at our workshop on Friday 16th September 2022 at 3.45pm.