Hello Lamp Post Webinar

We are excited to join this Tech for Good webinar on 18th May on how talking lamp posts can build safer communities. Will you join us?

Date and Time: 18th May, 1:00pm – 1:50pm

Join Us: Sign up for free here

Join the session to learn more about:

  • The importance of community engagement in promoting public safety

  • The role of AI and tech for good to build more sustainable communities

  • How Hello Lamp Post can reach any target audience through their technology. Each panelist will discuss their experience with Hello Lamp Post and the outcomes, benefits, results and successes with each of their projects

Who will be joining?

  • Tom Dauben, Senior Advisor in Flood and Coastal Risk Management at the Environment Agency

  • Jack Grasby, Campaigns Manager for South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue

  • Kathy Kyle, Co-Founder and Director – DigiKind

  • Tiernan Mines, CEO Hello Lamp Post

  • Dave Worsell, Moderator